Open the door for a new direction

E-BiGo - Green and futuristic Transport today

Carrying up to 10 passengers, furnished with a very luxurious interior and enabled by our field proven autonomous driving System, e-BiGO is designed to provide a unique experience of transportation, fully electric. The cutting-edge design of e-BiGO combines functionality with a futuristic appearance. e-BiGO can be utilized in any controlled environment, but even advanced traffic situation can be handled with ease.

We have developed new embedded safety modules to enhance the autonomous driving and open new horizons of applications.

Experience latest AI Technology during a chilled ride with your family, friends or on your daily way to work. Advanced user interaction features, like speech Processing, custom Applications and connected Services let any passenger experience autonomous Transportation at a unique new level.

Our autonomous driving Software is adapting to any environment and handles most challenges of modern traffic. By adding our Fleet Management Software and communication System, e-BiGo becomes part of a fully advanced transportation network, makes it possible to manage a whole fleet of smart busses and operate public transport from a centralized control center.

e-BiGohas been designed to be the answer for challenges of public transport and introduces green autonomy for smart cities, airports or any other applications that requires to transport passengers in a more efficient, attractive, and environmentally friendly way.

DGWorld BiGoautonomy conversion Kit includes:

DGW Drive by Wire

This System is controlling all relevant functions of the e-BiGoand makes it possible, to remotely control it as well. Additionally, it will monitor all relevant functions and parameters of the Bus.

DGW Localization & Mapping Sensor System

based on our3D SLAM and fused sensing Systems enabling to calculate the real position of the Bus without the need to integrate artificial markings and allows autonomous operation virtually anywhere

DGW Perception & Safety System

Allows real mixed traffic applications and ensures full interaction of the autonomous Busses with its environment following highest safety international standards

DGWorld Autonomous Driving AI Engine (Software)

Full Level 4 autonomy, ensuring to adapt the driving behavior of your e-BiGo fleet regardless their load and environmental challenges

  • Autonomous operation in mixed traffic without infrastructural changes (SAE Level 4)
  • Higher Safety and less accidents including passenger safety monitoring
  • Highly efficient and adaptable driving behavior is reducing operational costs
  • 100% electric and no carbon emissions
  • Real time data from the vehicles (Position, Status Information and Diagnostics) will optimize your daily operations
  • Applicable for all different types of vehicles Busses according to your demand
  • Adjusting its speed in autonomous mode automatically for the best economic to safe resources and longest battery life (up to 8 hours)
  • Operation at Day and Night 24/7 (indoor or outdoor)
  • Operation by remote or fully autonomous mode
  • Custom Interfaces like advertising and on-board entertainment by using latest AI Technology
  • Advanced Safety features, like object detection (Cars, Pedestrians, …) and active collision avoidance
  • Vehicle 2 Vehicle communication for quick information exchange between the autonomous Vehicles
  • HD Mapping (to create reference Map) combined with advanced 3D Slam Algorithm
  • Automatic update of mapping information and possibility to share these updates with other vehicles to avoid traffic and changes its routes dynamically
  • Data collected by e-BiGo, can be used for security and surveillance Applications to enhance the safety of environments or cities and optimized crowd control
  • Safe System architecture (PLC System, Brake System, Sensor Architecture) according to international safety standards (ISO 26262) and TÜV certified.
  • Full Vehicle Status Monitoring allows central overview of all fleet parameters in real-time.
Full operational flexibility thanks to our integration and safety Solutions:

Our Remote-Control Desk (for exception Handling) will give remote operators a complete surround view of e-BiGo and ensure operations, even in critical situations.

We offer fully automated recharging solutions for e-BiGo enabling hazzle free operation of your electric fleet

Customized Passenger interaction allows unlimited on-board features, like entertainment, payment systems, advertising based on location and many more for a unique experience.