Fleet Management Software

DGWorld Fleet Management Softwarey

DGWorld FMS is a control system/fleet management software for autonomous vehicles.
It was primarily developed for the coordination of Autonomous Internal Transport Vehicle (AITV) performing transportation tasks but has been adapted today for several autonomous applications.
It can manage from one vehicle up to thousands of vehicles at the same time. This is been achieved by integrating vehicles into the system via pluggable drivers, like device drivers in an operating system.

Our FMS consists of the following components running as separate processes and working together in a client-server architecture:

  • Kernel (server process), running vehicle-independent strategies and drivers for controlled vehicles
  • Clients
  • User Interface for modelling and visualizing the operational area at any scale
  • Kernel control center for controlling and monitoring the kernel, e.g. providing a detailed view of vehicles and their associated drivers
  • Arbitrary clients for communicating with other systems, e.g. customer specific software and servers
  • Database Management System to store status of vehicles in a relational database.

Machine Learning (AI) transforms your daily Operation to a neural Network:

FMS enables full Synchronization between all Assets (other Machines, Fuel Stations, etc. ...)

AI (Machine Learning) Algorithms enabling:

  • Selection of the optimized Route for any Job according to traffic and vehicle parameters
  • Dynamic Fleet Management will balance the autonomous vehicles usage according to user settings (Odometer reading, Operational hours) or operational requirements like traffic and fleet utilization
  • Collection of all operational Data and availability for other systems to benefit from Interfacing and enhancing of your existing Software Systems
  • High Scalability and decentralized Architecture for highest availability
  • AI-based Algorithm selects the optimized Route of any autonomous vehicle and considers the most suitable vehicle for any received Job or tasks
  • Manages and displays real-time information from any autonomous vehicle (Actual Position, Fuel Level, Maintenance Status, Safety warnings, ...)
  • Dynamic Fleet Management will balance the vehicle usage according to user settings (Odometer reading, Operational hours)
  • Enables full traffic management of your application and routes can be manually blocked in case of construction works or other temporary blocks
  • All received data will be stored in a central Database and are available for other system and Software you currently use
  • Full Scalable Kernel, can operate on multiple Servers with Load balancing for highest availability of the system
  • Compatible to multiple Operation Systems (Windows, Linux)
  • Open Interface for different existing user specific software systems and mobile Applications
System requirements

FMS does not come with any specific hardware requirements. CPU power and RAM capacity highly depend on the use case, e.g. the size and complexity of the driving course and the number of vehicles managed. Networking hardware (IP Mesh or LTE) is required for communicating with the vehicles (and other customer specific software).