Bilal Al-Zoubi

Founder & CEO

DGWorld – The World of Digitisation & AI

It gives me great pride to have founded DGWorld. It’s always been a dream to get in to the core of AI and Robotics. Today, I can proudly say that we have made our mark in to this fascinating phase of Technology. DGWorld is the largest Robotics and Automation company in the Middle East.

We realise that it’s just the beginning and we have much, much more to learn and achieve.

We are thankful to our clients, who have entrusted us with ambitious projects and we look forward to more challenges every day. We are privileged to work with Government Agencies and build the Autonomous framework together.

From Industrial Automation Robots in 2015 to the complete AI range of Robotics. Today, we are providing customers a range of Products and Solutions. Humanoid Collaborative Robots with customised features, Custom made Drones and Autonomous Vehicle Conversion Kits that can be used on Trucks, Busses, Cars and even Boats and Yachts…

Our endeavour has been to look in to the minds and needs of our users. We look at Robotics and Automation as a part of our daily lives and no more a novelty! It’s our way of contributing to society and creating a better tomorrow.