Drive by Wire Technology

DGWorld Drive by Wire Technology

To offer real universal autonomy for all kind of different vehicles (cars, busses, trucks) we had been focused to develop a safe and easy to fit drive by wire system.
This System is controlling all relevant functions of a standard vehicle and enables us convert and prepare it for autonomous operation without a driver. Additionally, it is monitoring all relevant functions and parameters of the vehicle and allowing us to capture this information in real-time.

  • Throttle and Transmission Interface
  • Redundant Brake Control System
  • Redundant Steering Control System

Additional we require access to all relevant Parameters and information of a vehicle:

  • Engine Temperature
  • Oil Temperature
  • Diesel Pump Control
  • Brake Pressures
  • Hydraulic Pressures
  • Trailer Sensor
  • Fuel Level / Battery Status
  • Turn Signals and Horn
  • Brake Lights
  • Battery Voltage and Charging Control
  • Tire Pressure

To control all functions of a vehicle, we integrate an TÜV certified safety PLC including electrical distribution boards and for full status monitoring of all-important functions, enabling switching between Remote / Manual Operation and a System Diagnostic Interface.
All our components are communicating in a CAN Bus (Controller Area Network), for safe and reliable operation. As the CAN Bus is the standard in the automotive Industry since many years, it is a proven system architecture. All components are safety certified and come with noise suppression.
To achieve maximum safety, we continuously monitoring all the components, and in case of a malfunction, the autonomous vehicle will be stopped.
We follow strictly the ISO26262 standards for all our conversions and all our vehicles equipped with our drive by wire system can be still driven manual.