TiGo / eTiGO

Make the right move.

Autonomous Intelligent Car

TiGOand e-TiGois our autonomous car conversion kit that enables autonomous transport of up to 9 passengers. Our System has gone through rigorous testing to make sure it is 100% safe during your journey to the desired destination.

TiGOand e-TiGoprovides the option of switching between autonomous and manual drive seamlessly at any time. The vehicle is equipped with Touchscreens and Information screens to select the destination, follow the actual route, and offer entertainment and advertising options. The ADS System can record all driving information and passenger input, which can be analysed at later stage and we offer this solution in different ADAS Levels. (Level 2 to 4)

DGWorld autonomous technology in TiGoconsists of:
  • Redundant electrical Drive-by Wire System
  • Lidar/GNSS/IMU – based Localization / Mapping (3D SLAM)
  • Lidar/Radar/Vision-basedPerception / Safety System,
  • AI Risk Assessment Engine (based on deep learning algorithms) and a Navigation engine.

Our testing history contains scenarios of Lane Change, Intersections and Road Departures in mixed traffic conditions including a 3 months trial period in Dubai Silicon Oasis in cooperation with the Road Transport Authority in Dubai.

We are alsooffer an electrical versioncalled E-TiGO,supporting the latest electrical drive trains to answer the growing demand for electrical mobility.

We offerTiGo and e-TiGo in 3 different versions:
  • Small: 1 to 2 passengers
  • Medium:3 to 5 passengers
  • Large: 5to9 passengers

TiGo and e-TiGohas been designed to be deployed for individualand VIP transport (Taxi)and introduces autonomy for smart cities, HotelResorts and compounds, exhibitions or any other applications that requires to transport passengers in a more efficient, attractive, and safe way.

DGWorld BiGoautonomy conversion Kit includes:

DGW Drive by Wire

This System is controlling all relevant functions of the carand makes it possible, to remotely control it as well. Additionally, it will monitor all relevant functions and parameters of the car.

DGW Localization & Mapping Sensor System

based on our3D SLAM and fused sensing Systems enabling to calculate the real position of the car without the need to integrate artificial markings and allows autonomous operation virtually anywhere.

DGW Perception & Safety System

Allows real mixed traffic applications and ensures full interaction of the autonomous cars with its environment following highest safety international standards.

DGWorld Autonomous Driving AI Engine (Software)

Full Level 4 autonomy, ensuring to adapt the driving behavior of yourcars regardless their load and environmental challenges. Other SAE Levels are available.

  • TiGo’s Automated Driving System is designed to be retrofitted to any kind of vehicle for 1 person and up to 9 people, with a modular and flexible system architecture, to be adaptable for various autonomous driving applications.
  • Redundant Steering and Brake Servos
  • Drive by Wire System is Certified by German TÜV
  • Interface to vehicle - to control vehicle specific functions
  • Transmission and Throttle Control
  • Redundant Embedded Controllers to achieve lowest control latency
  • Seamless switching between Autonomous Driving and Manual Driving
  • CAN Diagnostic Interface
  • Unique advanced 3D SLAM - Lidar Sensor based-infrastructure - free algorithm -Sensor Fusion - HD Mapping to create a reference map - Automatic update of mapping information and possibility to share these updates with other vehicles and the centralized FMS
  • Classification of Objects and other Vehicles
  • Records risky/safe driving behavior and modifies behavior in real time with alerts
  • Learning Mode - to teach new travel routes which can then be recalled anytime.
Full operational flexibility thanks to our integration and safety Solutions:

Our Remote-Control Desk (for exception Handling) will give remote operators a complete surround view of TiGo and ensure operations, even in critical situations.

Customized Passenger interaction allows unlimited on-board features, like entertainment, payment systems, advertising based on location and many more…