Revolutionizing the industry

MillingBOT is a customizable robot milling system that performsthe task in the needed way, improving the safety standard and quality. The robot is designed for a high level of automated performance. We are proud to partner with KUKA on this solution.

  • Integration and upgrading of the CAD/CAM process chain
  • Integration of a machine tool controller with a corresponding user interface
  • Further development of various calibration methods

MillingBOT can carry out the machining tasks like machine tools, however, MillingBOT is more flexible and versatile. The robot shapes the workpiece as desired by removing superfluous material chips by means of a geometrically defined cutting edge and rotation of the cutting tool.

  • From small parts to large components with a length of more than 25 meters
  • From stationary use and multi-step machining
  • Through to mobile robot solutions in accordance with industry 4.0
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