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Autonomous Logistic Robots

LogiBOT is an omnidirectional, autonomous mobile platform that is perfectly suited to the automation processes of Industry 4.0 and advanced logistics in Warehouses of today.

LogiBOTautonomously fetches the required components or returns them to the warehouse after processing. It can move about freely and without conventional guidance or navigation elements. This makes integration into any environment much easier and increases efficiency in logistics management.

With payload capacities from2 kg up to 90 tons, LogiBOTsafely moves your products through the entire manufacturing process. It meets all necessary safety standards and is also extremely flexible. Integrated safety laser scanners enable autonomous navigation through your production shop and the electrical drive system makes it environmentally friendly and efficient.

Our Fleet Management Software ensures that right LogiBot is available at the right place at the right time.Once your Warehouse is mapped, theLogiBot´s can navigate through it completely independently. All LogiBot´s can route itself and always travel the shortest distance from point A to point B on their own.

In combination with our Fleet Management Software, your fleet of LogiBOT´sis ready to impress you with the performance of intelligent and smart transport of a robotic swarm.

  • Offers highest efficiency and flexibility for any logistics application
  • Perfect solution for factories, warehouses and logistic hubs.
  • Integrated - Barcode Scanning Solution for seamless data transfer and tracking of goods (option)
  • Fully scalable - fleet size that can be expanded at any time
  • Navigation System without any installed markers or infrastructure offers integration anywhere
  • Dynamic Re-routing – dynamically bypasses obstacles
  • Unlimited Applications –LogiBOT carries out tasks by itself and supports humans in their daily processes
  • User-Friendly and highly efficient design
  • Automatic Recharging at charging stations and cable charging is available
  • CE and Safety-certified for interaction with people
LogiBot is available in 3 different versions, to suit your needs:

LogiBOT – S (up to 100kg) – the allrounder which can fit for various applications (available in different versions)

LogiBOT – M (up to 1500kg) – the perfect choice for all Industry 4.0 applications in production lines

LogiBOT – L (up to 90 tons) – suitable for highest loads and heavy-load applications (different versions available)