DeliveryBOT & VendingBOT

Autonomous Delivery Vehicle

The possibilities are endless

Combining service robot technology and our AI Engine for autonomous driving with a flexible, modular and fully electrical platform which can be easily adapted for any operational need, focusing on logistics, goods transport and unmanned delivery.

DeliveryBOTis our answer to the rising demand of intelligent and fast delivery of goods and food.

With 3 different Modules available, we make sure that DeliveryBot suits your demand:

  • DeliveryBot with Take-out Module

    This Module is designed for delivery of items with a maximum volume of 2.3m³. The storage compartment can support heating and high temperature disinfection, cooling or just maintain a constant temperature, which makes it ideal for delivery of grocery items, food or medical goods, but also standard parcel delivery.

  • DeliveryBot with Logistic Module:

    Equipped with multiple small compartments and functions real time location recognition, data visualization, online ordering and appointment prior pick up this version of the DeliveryBot is designed to make parcel delivery and other logistic operations 2-3 Times more efficient. Only your imagination is the limit…

  • VendingBot

    Our Vending module is designed to distribute and sell products in industrial parks,residential areas, parks and communities. VendingBot will be at the right place at the right time to serve your customer with a cold refreshment during their evening sports activities and serves them with their snack when they at the office. The combination of an autonomous vehicle with an AI based engine offers completely new options for the retail industry.

Based on a fully electrical Platform, we offer true Level 4 autonomy with our proven autonomous technology, Customized tasks are accomplished fully automatic without the need for a security officer to follow. The fused sensor technology can observe moving objects andobstacles, actively avoiding any dangerous situation in its way. By integration within in a wireless network and our fleet management system a full fleet of DeliveryBot´s and VendingBot's can be controlled and coordinated from a central control room. With DeliveryBot the future of logistics, delivery and retail services has arrived…

  • CE safetycertified for direct interaction with people
  • Speed of up toup to 2.0m/s; reverse Speed 0.3m/s
  • Level 4 autonomy for highest demands and operation nearly everywhere
  • Quick Installation and easiest deployment
  • Optional Fleet Management System enables central control of your fleet and demand-based operation
  • Independent Navigation – autonomously navigates to target destinations everywhere
  • Dynamic Re-routing – dynamically bypasses obstacles
  • Multiple Interaction Possibilities – carries out all tasks by itself
  • Direct Interaction with customers by the onboard speech engine, graphical user interface and payment system on-board for the ultimate user experience
  • Software Interfaces can be fully customized and integration with mobile Apps and your existing applications
  • Unique Battery exchange system for battery exchange in seconds guarantees 24/7 operation
  • Modular System architecture allows integration of various systems (heating, cooling, …) to suit your demand