Further. Faster. Safer

ForkBOTis our autonomous solution to be seamless integrated in your fleet of existing Forklifts to enable intelligent driverless operation for your current warehouse and logistic applications to offer you highest efficiency and full process automation without infrastructural changes.

With ForkBOTyou can begin your automation and digitization journey today and benefit from AI enabled optimization to reduce your costs and boost your efficiency.

In combination with our Fleet Management Software and open Interfaces to your Warehouse Management Software, ForkBOT can be fully integrated in your daily operations.

  • Integrated - Barcode Scanning Solution for seamless data transfer and tracking of goods
  • Increase performance – avoidunnecessary moves and optimization of logistic processes
  • Save costs – No drivers
  • Flexible – use your Forklifts fully driverless or manual at any time
  • afe – ForkBOTis designed following highest safety standards and will avoid any obstacle with full 360 degrees real time scan
  • Precision - Accurate positioning of items and repeatability increases throughput and minimizes time to handle goods
  • Everywhere – ForkBOT is designed to operate either indoor or outdoor
  • Eco-Friendly – supports all electrical drive configurations or reduces fuel consumption
  • Scalabley– add more ForkBOT´sat any time you want and interface with other automation systems
ForkBot is available in 3 different sizes, to suit your needs:
  • ForkBOT – S(500kg up to 1,5 tons) -suitable for pallet trucks and small electrical forklifts (indoor only)
  • ForkBOT – M (1,6 up to 10 tons) – suitable for smaller forklifts up to heavy duty forklifts (electrical or diesel versions are supported for indoor and outdoor)
  • ForkBOT – L (10tons and more) –suitable for highest loads and heavy-duty outdoor applications (outdoor)