We keep you safe…

Autonomous Security Vehicle

SecurityBOT is a mobilesecurity platform, tailored to keep streets, communities and industrial areas safe. Automated Patrolling offers a completely new opportunity to protect and monitor your environment and show presence at the same time. In combination with the on-board first responder system, anyone can directly report to the authorities.

The integrated security equipment like cameras and sensor systems, SecurityBot can be fully integrated with your security system and multiple SecurityBot´s can be controlled from one central security room.

Based on a fully electrical Platform, we offer true Level 4 autonomy with our proven autonomous technology, Patrolling is accomplished fully automatic without the need for a security officer to follow. The fused sensor technology can observe moving objects and obstacles, actively avoiding any dangerous situation in its way. Experience Security everywhere and at anytime to protect what you love…

  • CE safety certified for direct interaction with people
  • Speed of up to up to 2.0m/s; reverse Speed 0.3m/s
  • Level 4 autonomy for highest demands and operation nearly everywhere
  • Quick Installation and easiest deployment
  • Optional Fleet Management System enables central control of your fleet and demand-based operation
  • Independent Navigation – autonomously navigates everywhere
  • Dynamic Re-routing – dynamically bypasses obstacles
  • Multiple Interaction Possibilities – carries out all tasks by itself
  • Equipped with 360° Camera System (including Night Vision), Siren with Lights, Interaction with civilians by voice and graphical user interface
  • Software Interfaces can be fully customized and integration with security systems and any application
  • Unique Battery exchange system for battery exchange in seconds guarantees 24/7 operation
  • Modular System architecture allows integration of variousSensor systems (gas sensors, temperature sensors and thermal cameras, …) for highest safety and monitoring accuracy