Intelligent Cleaning

Autonomous Floor Sweeper

SweeBOT is our solution for autonomous indoor or outdoor floor cleaning. It is designed to sweep, collect the dust and mop the floor, making all decisionsitself.

Using our latest AI technology, theSweeBotcan identify and avoid obstacles while cleaning the floor and be easily teached by driving it throughthe areas to clean and it will optimize its cleaning activitiesautomatically and around the clock.SweeBot can be eitheroperated fully autonomous or manualdepending on your needs.

In combination with our Fleet Management System, all parameters of the system can be monitored from a central control room or a mobile tablet. This allows you also to fully integrate it into your current Building Management System to gain maximum cleaning performance and process control.

SweeBot is available in 2 Versions:


Fully electricIndoor cleaning robotfor Airports, Malls and all kind of buildings.


Electric or Diesel-powered version for huge industrial sites or areas (ask us for more information)

  • Automatic freshwater tank filling. Connect a freshwater hose and the filling stops automatically as soon as the tank is full.
  • Maximum 4 hours of continuous operation (24-hours standby)
  • Battery and built-in charger included plus automatic charging dock
  • Automatically return to its self-recharging dock
  • Reduced water consumption
  • Reduced power consumption
1. Safety

There is no chance that the DGWorld SweeBotcan collide with people. It waits or evades colleagues / people who are in the working environment in time. A collision is also excluded in manual operation.

2. Economics

The reduction of personnel expenses through the independence of night and holiday surcharges and the independence of skilled personnel can significantly improve the efficiency of the cleaning. As well as the reduction of water and power consumption.

3. Sustainability

Think in the long term – act responsibly in a spirit of partnership. Autonomous Service Robots are health-promoting, relieve the burden on physically demanding work and increase safety in the working environment.

Resources are used responsibly – for example, the water consumption of the cleaning robot can be individually adapted to the degree of dirtiness.

4. Simplicity

The SweeBot utility is simple and intuitive. You can save programs for the cleaning staff, which only need to be started. After a short briefing, everybody is able to do that. The start is also possible via smartphones and tablets.

5. Transparency

Fully automated logging after each use of the SweeBot facilitates the documentation and proof of services for billing purposes, performance checks or audits. For example, the SweeBot creates a detailed protocol on the areas and intensity of cleaning.

6. SLAM Localization Technology

DGWorld SLAM is an abbreviation of our proven SLAM (simultaneous localization and mapping) Technology, which uses real-time positioning and mapping to avoid obstacles and navigates the SweeBot throughany environment without any infrastructural changes required.

On its way, it automatically avoids any object and keeps others safe.