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Anautonomous grass cutting robot that is eco-friendly, and has an intelligent memory system and navigation system.

Controller: Futaba RC Transmitter, 8CH, max range 150 meters
Dimension: 2290 x 764 x 1300 [mm]
Working Capacity: 3000 sqm/hour
Max. Speed: 2.7 [km/h]
Weight: 500 KG
Charging Time: 8 hours
Battery: Running Time Standard battery Autonomy: 2-3 [Hours]
Heavy-duty battery Autonomy: 1.5 [Hours]
Power Source: Battery Pack: 2 x 12 [V], 200 [Ah] Sealed AGM Battery
Total Power: 4800 [W]
Frame: Stainless steel and aluminum

  • Automated Navigation System
  • Intelligent Memory System
  • 2 Cutting Modes (straight and circular)
  • Auto mowing system
  • Auto recharging
  • Auto bonds avoidance
  • Auto climbing for slope
  • Rain sensor system
  • Low noise
  • Low power consumption
  • Intelligence GPS system
  • Obstacle detecting
  • Eco-friendly
For more information, please reach out to us on:, +971 800DGW800
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