Press Release

DG World Wins Autonomous Vehicles Technology Provider Award


DG World scoops prize after boosting automated capabilities in the supply chain

Autonomous vehicles specialist DG World has won the Autonomous Vehicles Technology Provider Award at the recent TLME Excellence Awards 2019, marking its pioneering work in the field of autonomous technology.

In the video below, DG World CEO, Bilal Al Hattab, talks to TLME about the significance of winning the TLME Autonomous Vehicles Technology Provider Award 2019 and the need for spreading greater awareness for autonomous solutions in logistics and the larger supply chain.

Mr Hattab also discusses DG World’s future plans for making inroads into the Middle East autonomous vehicles market.

TLME CEO Sam Khan said: “Autonomous vehicles are soon to be a ubiquitous reality. In fact, they are already a reality in many nodes across the supply chain, yet this award recognizes a leader in the field of automation who has provided innovative, yet reliable solutions within the industry already.

“The nominees have all shown they provide reliable operations, high levels of safety, cost reductions and energy efficiency by significantly improving their customer operations, yet DG World has clearly shown a proven ability to bring the future of transport to us today.”