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Conceptualised in the year 2013 in Dubai, we opened the First Robotics Development Park and Demo Centre in Dubai and entire MENA region.

DGWORLD has been developing Products and Solutions using the most advance form of AI ,Automation , self-driving system.

DGWORLD has stimulated the levels of development in the field of AI and Robotics Technologies. From Self-driving Automobiles to operating Robotics Systems by Voice Command to AI-powered server configurations and working for concept for digitization and Converting Smart cities to the next level of Robotic cities.

DGWORLD endeavor to continues to create the most advanced products, for various industries to meet the needs of our clients.

We are constantly evolving and are working on strategic projects with various government entities. Our clients also present various industries, from all types of Industrial Manufacturing, Aviation, Transportation, Logistics, Construction, Health Care, Security, Entertainment, Media, Education, Customer Care, ports etc.

We are the leading company in the Middle East in Automation and Robotics and are creating a mark in other parts of the world, as well.

We are developing and implementing Fully Autonomous AI Technology ,Autonomous ,and Advanced Robotics System under concept of Industry 4.0 and Internet of Things, that augment human experience in the world.

Technology Partnership

DGWorld believes in Global Exchange of Best Practice, Knowledge, and Innovation.

  • We have a technical cooperation agreement with KUKA Robotics GMBH to provide robotics solutions in the Middle East and Africa. But’s that not all. With KUKA training, and the knowledge-transfer, our engineering teams get the finest human engineering experience creating the finest talent in robotic technologies in the Middle East.
  • DGWorld has become integrator partner with Velodyne Lidar Silicon Valley-based lidar technology company in 2018. DGWorld has been working with Velodyne since 2016, during the development of our Autonomous Kit.
  • DG World has been working with Rajant Corporation since 2017, incorporating Kinetic Mesh with InstaMesh® into our advanced vehicle automation technology. As a result, a strategic partnership has been initiated with Rajant Corporation in 2019, which formalizes a working relationship for the two companies, to work together for Autonomous Vehicle projects around the world

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