e-BiGO is our new Electric Shuttle Bus which had been developed to operate fully autonomous in any desired area and environment, indoors as well as outdoors.

Product Description

Carrying 12/24 passengers, furnished with a very luxurious interior and enabled by our field proven autonomous driving System, e-BiGO is designed to provide an unique experience of transportation.

The cutting-edge design of e-BiGO combines functionality with a futuristic appearance.

e-BiGO can be utilized in any controlled environment, but even advanced traffic situation can be handled with ease.

We have developed new embedded safety modules to enhance the autonomous driving and open new horizons of applications.

Experience latest AI Technology during a chilled ride with your family, friends or on your daily way to work.

  • Obstacle Avoidance: e-BiGO avoids all the obstacles or passers-by. Considering all the safety issues, a specialized sensor system emits pulses which brings the se-BiGO to an halt immediately.
  • Maneuvering system: The control and maneuvering unit starts measuring the corners and changes the direction of the wheels and then moves the car, with extra feature of calculating object distances.
  • User interface enabling the user to perform the workflow.
  • Vehicle path planning
  • Vehicle control, including steering, brakes, throttle, etc.
  • Navigation System: is based on the newest state-of-the-art LIDAR Sensor Technology, to calculate the real position of the vehicle, without the need to integrate artificial markings (Reflectors or Transponders) on the road.
  • Vision System: has multiple tasks in an autonomous driven vehicle and is mainly used for the Traffic Management and to verify information from the Navigation System.
  • Multi-model Obstacle Detection
  • Inter-vehicle communications
  • Vehicle to Vehicle Communication Protocols and Wi-Fi Services on board
  • User Friendly: e-BIGO accommodates from to 12 to 24 passengers. Each seat is fitted with a Touch screen, uploaded with the area map and its possible destinations.
  • Public Transportation
  • Events and Exhibitions
  • EXPO and Trade Centers
  • Communities and Compounds
  • Hotels and Resorts
  • Entertainment Parks
  • Shuttle Bus Applications
  • Universities
  • Shopping Malls
  • Security Patrolling
  • Logistics
  • Airports
  • VIP Delegation Autonomous Mover
  • Seaports and Industrial Environments
Level of driving automation (per SAE J3016) Level 4 to 5
Passengers capacity 12/24 Passengers.
BODY type Passenger Bus
Overall Length 5000mm
Overall Width 2000mm
Height 2250mm
Ground Clearance 250mm
Breaking System Hydraulic (2-circuit Disc Brake System)
Communication Wi-Fi and DSRC optional
Empty weight 1.850 kg
Gross weight 3.500 kg
Travel Speed up to 25Km/h
Vehicle driving type Electrical Autonomous People mover
Technology Navigation System, Mapping Devices, Lidar, Ultrasonic, Camera; AC
Operating Duration 10h Running Time
Charging Duration with 430 V approx. 1 h
Range 150Km
Engine 2 Wheel Hub Motors
Battery Lithium Battery Technology
Certification by SGS- TÜV Saarland GmbH
Charging System e-BiGO is compatible to standard 230V / 400V AC and Electric Car Charging Stations, by wire. We offer also automated charging Stations for a fleet of e-BiGOs.
  • HD Mapping to create reference Map. Including automatic update of mapping information and possibility to share these updates with other vehicles
  • Perception/Safety System By using Redundant Sensor Architecture (Fusion) to achieve highest safety standards.
  • Large number of passengers can be transported in one mobile platform (Greener Environment). Serving all people, including people with determination.
  • Indoor/Outdoor Movement ability with freedom of maneuvering and recognizing pedestrians, stationery objects and shuttle bus stops (Assembly Points).
  • Additional Option to attach a Live Streaming camera on the e-BIGO for surveillance purposes.
  • Equipped with the latest Sensor Technology and our DGWorld Autonomous Driving System
  • Fully Air Conditioned
  • Panoramic View (360°)
  • Easy to deploy, without environmental changes
  • Latest Infotainment and Multimedia Applications on board
  • Eco-friendly: Electric powered / Zero emission (Green Technology)
  • e-BiGO can operate in both Indoor and Outdoor environments
  • Luxury Interior (can be customized)

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