Orange Initiative 2020 – Phase 1

Complimentary ROI Assessment

DGWorld has launched a new initiative called “Orange Initiative 2020” to support businesses that are looking to reduce Covid-19 risks while increasing their profit. As part of the initiative, DGWorld will be giving free ROI assessments to businesses in the industrial and manufacturing sectors. We understand the obstacles that facilities are facing – especially in difficult times like these – and DGWorld is here to help!

Who is Eligible to Get this Offer?

Any business that works in welding, cutting, palletizing, 3D printing, or surface treatment is suitable to apply for the assessment.

What does DGWorld offer in the industrial and manufacturing industry?

DGWorld’s Industrial Robotics and Automation product line consists of future-oriented solutions that intelligently and securely connect all manufacturing machines to the cloud. We aim to digitize the production line and make the manufacturing process simpler and smarter in a sustainable manner.

What are the benefits of
industrial robots?

Increase in productivity and efficiency
High manufacturing quality
High safety
Reduction of
Saving manufacturing time and efforts

How can I apply?

You can contact to get your assessment or you can fill the following form:

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