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High-end News & Television Robot

    TvBOT High end News & Television Robot Highlights:

  • TvBOT is worldwide the first sensitive lightweight Robot from KUKA
  • TvBOT is entering a new dimension in the world of robotic Broadcast:
  • Robot weight under 30kg. Absolute save working space inside the Studio .
  • Payload 14kg (enables to carry Prompter with Camera)
  • Extremely quiet with max. precision
  • Max. speed limited to 2 m/s
  • The total arm - and platform - control hardware is integrated in the base.
  • A trailing cable provides the energy to the mobile manipulator.
  • The control software is, like in all other devices of the line, control
  • As an option, battery operation with automatic charging point and/or a battery quick change system, as well as a hydraulic strut device is possible.
  • The hydraulic strut device is used to increase the stability against overturning at high-dynamic manipulator movements.
  • The mobile base allows the manual or automatic positioning of the arm to relearned stations in the studio.
  • Thus, the working space of the significant increased, and contains practically the whole studio area.
  • The platform control with localization, planning and course interpolation is based on the approved software Platform Control
Robot Arm KUKA KR16KS bearing a load of 16Kg
Drive Technology Base Differential Drive, 2 Maintenance-Free servo drives with precision gear
Speed of Movement 1 m/s
Localization 2 x laser scanner Sick S300/ LMS
Weight Over-All Approx. 750 kg.
Power Supply 220V, 16A
Options Battery-free or with battery quick change hydraulic strut device
  • TV Studios.
  • Live Streaming Programs.
  • Events and Exhibitions.
  • Live Interviews.

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