TruGO is a self-driving Container Terminal Truck, developed in UAE, enabling Seaport Operators to convert their existing Fleets of Trucks, into fully autonomous vehicles.

Product Description

TruGO is a solution, based on Sea Ports requirements. It is the first seaport Truck which is operated by a customized FMS system, applying our most advanced autonomous and remote-handling systems to facilitate effective and efficient seaport operations, in direct combination with other manually-driven trucks inside a Container Terminal.

TruGO is built with an easy to fit conversion kit that can be applied to any other vehicles, such as a Bus, by a modular plug and play integration, to support different engines and transmission configuration.

TruGO facilitates both remote driving and fully autonomous driving, giving the ability for the truck to be operable in both manual and automatic modes; fully automated, remotely driven or operated by a human driver.

  • Specialized/Certified Conversion Kit:
    This System is controlling all relevant functions of the TruGO and makes it possible to remote control the Truck. Additionally, it monitors all relevant functions and parameters of the Truck.

  • Navigation System:
    This is based on the newest state-of-the-art LIDAR Sensor Technology, to calculate the real position of the Truck without the need to integrate artificial markings, (Reflectors, Transponders) in the Sea Port Terminal.

  • Collision Avoidance System:
    ensures, that the Truck will not collide with other Trucks, or any other vehicle or human being in the Terminal. By using Medium and Short-Range Radar Systems and a Vision based obstacle detection.

  • Vision System:
    It has multiple tasks in an autonomous driven Truck and will be mainly used for the Truck management and to verify information from the Navigation System.

  • Encryption and Security:
    The digital systems use a secure wireless private connection so that video and data feed cannot be intercepted.

  • Data and Video Transfer:
    Data transfer is Two-Way (Bidirectional). The data will be sent to TruGO, the Trucks then responds back to the remote. Using this method confirms data transmission and can also be used to provide the actual position and all the Status and Fault Diagnostic information of the Trucks to the Remote Control Desk and the TOS System.

  • Vehicle Drive by Wire System:
    This System is controlling all relevant functions of the Truck and makes it possible, to remote control the Truck. Additionally, it will monitor all relevant functions and parameters of the Truck.
  • Seaports/Airports
  • Logistics for Goods
  • Warehouses / Intralogistics
Level of driving automation (per SAE J3016) Level 4 to 5
Engine Type Diesel Engine
Overall Length 5700mm
Overall Width 2900mm
Height 3600 mm
Front axle capacity 11 t @20 km/h
Rear axle capacity 38 t @20 km/h
Travel Speed up to 35 Km/h Max.
Autonomy 24/24h
Vehicle driving/Control type Autonomous / Manually Driven / RC Driving system.
Vehicle Body Type Plane Cargo, Truck
Braking System Electric-Pneumatic Braking system
Range: Approx. 500km with almost 12h operation time.
Conversion Kit &Technology Lidar/GNSS/IMU – based Localization/Mapping, Lidar/Radar/Vision-based Perception/Safety System, AI Risk Assessment Engine (based on deep learning algorithms) and a Navigation engine.
  • Remote Control Desk Operation (Exception Handling) will give the remote operator a complete surround view of the truck and ensure operations, even in critical situations.
  • By Interfacing with existing software, all kind of status information can be provided from the whole fleet of Trucks via a server-based FMS System
  • HD Mapping to create Reference Map included, Automatic update of mapping information and possibility to share these updates with other Trucks.
  • TruGO is a fully connected solution, enabling utilization of Big Data in a completely new way.

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