Product Description

The unique Robotic Trash and Garbage Collecting system, mainly aims at collecting garbage from cans and disposing it to designated places. It is designed to navigate through urban areas avoiding static and dynamic obstacle

These robots specialized with 3D vision recognizes the bin, laser scanner and ultrasound sensors for obstacle avoidance. It has a robotic arm with a special gripper that can carry up to 15 kg, to lift the plastic bag from the trash bin then throw it inside the TrashBOT tank.

  • Autonomous Navigation System: 360º laser radar gives TrashBOT the ability to move autonomously and detect and avoid collisions
  • 3D Vision System: To recognize and locate the ultrasonic sensor mounted trash bin.
  • Laser Scanner and Ultrasound Sensor; For obstacle avoidance
  • Robotic Arm Gripper: To carry up to 15kg trash
  • Solar Panel for outdoor use
  • Electrical Charging for Indoor Use

    TrashBOT is created to be used, not only in public areas, but also in a smart factory automation.

  • Large Venues (e.g. Event Halls, Ballrooms, etc)
  • Airports
  • Shopping Malls
  • Warehouse, Factory
  • Educational Facility (e.g. university, schools, etc)
  • Distribution Centers
  • Parks
Controller DGWorld Navigation System
System KR16
Dimension Length*width*height: 3880 * 1480 * 1950 (mm)
Max. Driving Speed 30 Km/h
Weight 1000 Kg
Payload Weight 400 Kg
Max. Charging Time 8 to 10 Hours
Continuous Running Time 6 to 8 hours (Normal Temperature)
Power Source 48 V Battery, DC, 200 Ah
  • TrashBOT can be modified as per customers’ requirements.
  • Fleet Management System to be Integrated for multiple Autonomous devices in the same facility, Connected Devices.

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