Product Description

TiGO is 3D printed multilingual smart autonomous trolley. It brings travel experience to the highest level.

TiGO can be successfully integrated in the airport infrastructure and features many benefits for airport guests, airport operations and business development.

TiGO performs multiple services and applications, which are predominantly designed for hand free luggage handling, bag retrieval, bag carrier and drop-off. Smart applications will make mobile check-in process fast and smooth, no queues.

TiGO works as a personal assistant and will navigate guests to the gate in an effective and safe manner, taking into the consideration critical parameters such as flight time, time to destination and distance.

Laser scanning, 3D vision technology and long and short ultrasonic sensors ensures 360 degrees safety of airport guests and luggage. Enhances security of the airport and allows to trace passengers flow.

TiGO is programmed to avoid collision and fitted with software that prevents disruption, however it can be manually stopped and maneuvered.

  • Multilingual
  • Stay-Connected
  • Pleasant Journey
  • Intelligent Sensing
  • Self-Organizing
  • Disruptive Handling/li>
  • International Airports.
  • Malls.
  • Metro Stations.

    TiGO is tailor made solution for airports worldwide.

    TiGO – Bag Retrieval (BR)

  • ofers the best experience for arrivals which resolves the issues finding luggage on running conveyers.
  • can retrieve luggage bags on the passenger's arrival via a mobile app by flight details.
  • come to you with your luggage loaded.
  • TiGO – Mobile Check-In (MC)

  • enhances travelers experience for allowing mobile check-in as the traveler arrives to the airport.
  • allows the user to remain connected with their luggage progress status via mobile app.
  • allows users to avoid the long queues instead enjoy their traveling experience at the airport.
  • TiGO – Connecting Flight (CF)

  • is compact smart trolley that guides traveler for connecting flights as well as support the travelers to carry their bags.
  • enhances the shopping experience by enabling users to do research and find things in the airport as well as route the user to the right shops.
  • keeps travelers connected with their flights as well as facilities and services available for the travelers.
  • TiGO – Drop Off (DO)

  • TiGO (DO) is autonomous trolley that guides travelers to drop off their luggage at the correct counter without loss of time
  • TiGO (DO) is effortless trolley which operates seamlessly without a user interaction and push.
  • TiGO (DO) gives the most personalized experience by multi-linguistic user interface, thus anyone from anywhere can find their ways without getting lost at the departure.

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