Our SelfieCAR is an Autonomous Vehicle with a navigation system, with intelligent reasoning, traffic light detection and obstacle avoidance ready for smart city integration.

Product Description

SelfieCAR is Autonomous and can also be remotely-controlled (override autonomous mode) from a Security Center.

SelfieCAR has been designed and created to help anyone in need of extra support and help to fulfil their daily routines. It allows you to reach any destination with minimal effort and guidance.

SelfieCAR consists of a screen interface in which you can communicate through the various options available ranging from voice to hand signs, from different languages to even braille. It has a complete autonomous system controlled by a built-in system powered by Google Maps.

Our selfie car’s accessibility options allow people to comfortably navigate around complexes of all sizes.

  • SelfieCAR will add value to people of determination in a smart city, being available in pre-controlled areas.
  • Manually chargeable batteries.
  • Surveillance system with high resolution/light sensitive optical camera, to work at night with minimum or no light, for identification of face features and vehicle license plate for investigation.
  • Footage Storage capacity 30 days. Allows to record and retrieve camera footage for investigation
  • Monitors Traffic
  • Installed Intercom allows two-way audio communication (speakers and microphone) with Security Center and people near the vehicle
  • Equipped with PA (Public announcement system) and remotely controlled Security lights/ Siren for emergencies
  • Equipped with Standard Safety Equipment and Comprehensive First Aid Kit and Defibrillator
  • Equipped with Tool kit for roads/vehicle maintenance (towing cables, reflective safety triangle, etc.),
  • Remotely controlled high resolution display screen allows to instantly display security, safety, or other messages for the community
  • Capable of safely operating at a speed of up to 30 km/h max.
  • Public Transportation
  • Events and Exhibitions
  • Communities and Compounds
  • Serving people with Determination, Outdoor/Indoor Uses.
  • Universities
  • Entertainments Parks
  • Shopping Malls
  • Security Patrolling
  • Logistic Companies for Goods Transportation
  • Seaports and Airports
  • Industrial Parks
Controller DGWorld Navigation System
System: Control Panel Touch Screen
Dimension Length*width*height: 2338 * 1396 * 1454 (mm)
Max. Driving Speed 85 Km/h
Weight Max. Loading Capacity with Passengers 690 Kg
Max. Charging Time 2 hours
Continuous Running Time 6 to 8 hours (Normal Temperature)
Power 220 V Battery
Turning Radius Minimum Turning Radius 6m.
Climbing Ability: <20%
Max. Braking distance at a speed of 20Km/h <4m
Capacity of Passengers 2 Seats availability
Option Spinning Chair for easy access to Selfie Car, Scissor Doors for the wheel-chair disabilities, for easing their movement to get in and out of the Selfie Car.
Conversion Kit &Technology
Lidar/GNSS/IMU – based Localization/Mapping, Lidar/Radar/Vision-based Perception/Safety System, AI Risk Assessment Engine (based on deep learning algorithms) and a Navigation engine.

    Our solution consists of:

  • Redundant Electrical Drive-by Wire System
  • Lidar/GNSS/IMU – based Localization/Mapping
  • Lidar/Radar/Vision-based Perception/Safety System,
  • AI Risk Assessment Engine (based on deep learning algorithms)
  • Navigation engine.
  • User interface enabling the user to perform the workflow.
  • Vehicle path planning
  • Vehicle control, including steering, brakes, throttle, etc.
  • Navigation
  • Multi-model Obstacle détection
  • Level of driving automation (per SAE J3016): Level 5
  • OBD Diagnostic Port: OBD-II diagnostic Port is present
  • Embedded GPS: Embedded GNNS (more accurate GPS) is present
  • Human driver controls: can be driven fully manual by a handheld controller and is possible to switch between autonomous and manual drive seamlessly, at any time
  • Human-machine Interface (HMI)
  • Data recording capability: Our ADS System is capable to record all driving information. These data can be used to analyze the full vehicle data (Brake, Sensor data, Speed, …) in case of an incident.

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