STEM Education

Educational robotics cell: Hands-on robotics experience

DGWORLD believes that education is practical experience and anything else is information. DGWorld is supplying completed integration KUKA Robotics Cell for Educational and Research institutions, Vocational Training Centres for Machine Learning, Knowledge Transfer and Research.

The KUKA Training Cell is scalable solution with possible upgrades to minimize entry investment and enable experience level increase, step by step.

STEM: know-how for the future

In the next five years, there will be over 1 million jobs in STEM fields and industries.

In order to fill these jobs, and prepare for the future, we need to get more students interested and involved in STEM education. Students need to be mentally stimulated as well as engaged.

The Educators are turning towards innovative and interactive methods of teaching with robots.

Robotics improve the teaching and learning STEM subjects to prepare students, working with real world industrial robots.

The KUKA Training Cell is a complete starter package and the perfect partner for entry into robotics educational aim to provide and introduce the robotics applications concept and AI For the students and those interested in acquiring experience in this field.

Features of Cell
  • Flexibility
  • Comprehensive equipment
  • User-friendly
  • Individual education
  • Advanced technology for advanced users and researchers with concept of industry
  • 4.0
Components of the system
  • Robot
  • KR C4 compact
  • Smart PAD
  • KUKA System Software (KSS)
  • Cell
  • Solid sheet metal cart
  • Operator panel
  • 1x USB
Customized solution

We can also offer a selection of components with the appropriate software, training and customer support, as required.

Customer Support

We at DGWorld provide on-site training, assistance services, exercises to help our client to achieve their requirements

Another plus point

The size of the cell. It can easily be moved with a pallet truck and fits through standard doors and in typical passenger elevators.

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