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Our Autonomous technologies are the result of intensely focused development, and countless hours of real-world testing and validation.

With its advanced sensor systems, the vehicles have the capability to see the environment around it, in 360 degrees, day and night. It is designed to identify pedestrians in a crosswalk, or an object darting suddenly into its path, and to respond accordingly.

We combine LiDAR and camera data for classifying and tracking objects, making high confidence determinations more quickly. This helps, for example, identify pedestrians, vehicle types and road details such as lane lines, construction zones and signage. Our complementary set of long range sensors track high-speed objects, such as oncoming vehicles, and the short-range sensors provide detail about moving objects near the vehicle such as pedestrians and bicycles.

By integrating our Autonomous technologies system into the different vehicles, and through close coordination between the hardware and software teams, we have evaluated potential failure modes for all systems, and addressed them throughout development to ensure a safe and reliable product.

in our Autonomous technologies we have the capabilities to perform the functions necessary to understand the world around the vehicle and make the driving decisions that safely transport passengers. No one technologies make this “brain” work. Instead, the computers use a combination of systems that work safely together, including: Mapping, Simulation, Behavioral Control, Machine Learning, Localization, Planning, Safety, Controls, Networking, Dispatch and Routing, Perception, Remote Assistance.

DGWROLD is committed to safety in everything we do

We have designed and built an Autonomous technology to safely operate among aggressive drivers, bicyclists, delivery trucks, construction, unprotected left turns, stop signs and countless other factors that arise when driving in the city.

Our autonomous technology has the potential to provide a level of safety far beyond the capabilities of humans. As our experience and iterative improvements continue on our system

We combine data gathered from our extensive testing with comprehensive safety analyses to identify additional potential challenges we may not have experienced on the road. We believe that a safe self-driving car must be built from the ground up, seamlessly integrating the self-driving system into the vehicle. That’s exactly what we did


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Robotic refueling is an automated refueling system that uses top-of-the-line vision sensing and detection systems to help guide the nozzle to the truck's fuel tank.

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