DGWorld launches “Orange Initiative 2020”


As part of its efforts to create sustainable solutions by utilizing the power of AI and digitization, DGWorld has launched a new initiative that will help companies assess their business, evaluate their operations, and provide a smart solution to generate more revenues.

“Orange Initiative 2020” was born out of the difficult economic situation that countries around the world are facing this year. Since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, most companies have suffered. Businesses have closed for quarantine, employees have taken weeks off, and customers have become less likely to make a purchase. While the virus is not fully contained yet, people still need to work to provide a living.

Eng. Bilal Al Zoubi, CEO and Founder of DGWorld said: “We understand the struggles that companies are facing. The usual workflow and business as we know it has changed. In order to keep up, businesses need to find ways to cut their costs and increase their revenue. Digitizing processes, and using smart products will do that. By participating in Orange Initiative 2020, DGWorld will customize a plan for your business that will help you overcome these challenging times.”

DGWorld chose the name “Orange Initiative 2020” as the colour orange is a symbol of strength and endurance. The initiative aims to create a better outcome for companies by reducing Covid-19 risks while increasing profit. Split into three phases targeted at different sectors, each phase will address ways where the industry can become more digital, better utilize manpower, and adjust operation flow.

The first phase of the initiative is addressed to the industrial and manufacturing sectors. DGWorld will provide complimentary ROI assessments for businesses, and suggest solutions to overcome the obstacles faced in facilities.

DGWorld’s Industrial Robotics and Automation product line consists of future-oriented solutions that intelligently and securely connect all manufacturing machines to the cloud. We aim to digitize the production line and make the manufacturing process simpler and smarter, in order to increase productivity, efficiency, quality and safety while reducing costs, time and waste.

Companies can apply for the complimentary assessment by contacting sales@dgworld.com or filling this form https://www.dgworld.com/complimentary-roi-assessment/


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