The First Robotic Wheelchair which aims to identify and develop an AI enabled fleet of Autonomous Electric Indoor Transport System for people of determination.

Product Description

MiGO comes with a touchscreen interface, enables you to communicate through the various options available, ranging from voice to hand signs and a choice of different languages.

With MiGO handicapped access abilities, people with determination can do their daily life activity easier, they can reach their destination without any help or guide.

MiGO has full sensor system for avoiding any obstacles and can smartly change its path according to its surrounding.

  • Navigation System
  • Touch screen and scanner for user interaction
  • Robust and Hygienic
  • Boarding pass scanner in the handle
  • Passive attachable trailer for extra bags
  • Extendable foot rest for extra bag to hold
  • Low level sensors for obstacle and safety
  • Wheels are covered for a safety purpose
  • Electric Battery Powered
  • Healthcare industry (e.g. Hospitals, Medical Clinics, Pharmacy, etc.)
  • Public areas (e.g. Airports, Shopping Malls, Parks, Communities, etc.)
  • Education (e.g. University, Schools, Vocational Training Institutes, etc.)
  • Other wheelchair-accessible areas
Controller DGWorld Navigation System
System Control Panel Touch Screen
Dimension Length*width*height: 2338 * 1396 * 1454 (mm)
Working Speed 80 Km/h
Weight Max. Loading Capacity with Passengers 690 Kg
Max. Charging Time 2 hours
Continuous Running Time 6 to 8 hours (Normal Temperature)
Power Source 220 V Battery
  • MiGO can be designed and customized according to the user’s basic needs.
  • The screen interface can communicate in various options like voice and/or hand signals, different languages
  • MiGO is created for its ease and convenient use to its users, specifically disabled individuals, and providing persons an independent mobility. MiGO enhances significance of people of determination in a smart city, handicap-friendly area.

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