LogiBOT- Express

Product Description

LogiBOT EXPRESS transports goods in a safe and dynamic way. It is used as an autonomous goods transportation platform within the facility, as well as a stationary unit. Modular platform load capacities and applications can be adjusted to customer and operational needs.

LogiBOT EXPRESS is a user and environment friendly invention and is CE and Safety certified. When solar battery level drops under a configurable threshold, logistics platform will return to the charging station. Built in navigation system includes 3D mapping of the facility and has deployed control system on UAV for task planning and monitoring.

LogiBOT EXPRESS can perform multiple tasks at the same time. Delivery of goods and material controller role, while operators or industrial robots perform their tasks, without leaving the working station. Fleet communication system improves performance of LogiBOT EXPRESS platforms and increases delivery speed. Fitted sensors ensure safe operations and can detect objects and people, that may impede the movement of this platform.

  • High precision, fast, modern, safe, and fully automated vehicle
  • Navigation System – 3D mapping of warehouse
  • Quick Installation – records a map with laser
  • Easy Configuration – define individual traffic areas with intuitive user interface
  • Fleet Management – interacts with other LogiBOTs
  • Independent Navigation – autonomously navigates to target destinations
  • Dynamic Re-routing – dynamically bypasses obstacles
  • Multiple Interaction Possibilities – carries out tasks by itself and supports humans in their daily work
  • Advanced Perception Systems – for easy control
  • Control System on UAV – for monitoring tasks
  • Cooperative Infrastructure Laser Scanners
  • User-Friendly and Highly Efficient
  • Automatic Recharging at charging stations and opportunity charging are available
  • CE and Safety-certified for interaction with people
  • Height is adaptable and interchangeable of up to 1000mm with speeds up to 2m/s
  • Warehouse Facility
  • Factory
  • Distribution and Logistics Centers
Dimension Length 657mm, Width 582mm, Height 550mm
Working Speed up to 2.0m/s; Speed backward 0.3m/s
Weight 90kg
Power Source Battery, Electrical (Floor contacts/docking station)
  • LogiBOT Express can be modified upon customer requirements.
  • Solar Battery – can be optional

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