Industrial Robotics and Automation

Product Description

DGWORLD is the regional master f Middle east in the design of flexible robotics system with efficient, state-of-the-art automation solutions for production processes, ordering, testing, handling the materials, Printing and etc.

As the result, we are able to guide our clients for the direction of industry 4.0 with future-oriented solutions.

DGWORLD offered the complete tenkey solutions from engineering to Project management to assembly and Test to services after sales and we offer you customized automation solutions from industrial robots to complete production lines and optimize existing systems.

We have the different range of industrial robotics systems solution and with us always you will find the proper, no matter how challenging the applications

Main features of robotics system:

  • Six-axis
  • direct human-robot collaboration
  • Heat- and dirt-resistant robots for extreme ambient conditions
  • Small robots with waterproof equipment
  • Temperature: -30 till 55 o
  • Install ability : Ceiling, Floor, Portal, Wall, Angle
  • Control technology with Smart PAD
  • Additional axis: linear kinematic systems and rotates tables
  • System Software
  • Application Software
  • Protection class: IP
  • Category: small, medium, big and …
  • Applications: Single, Universal applications in same head
  • Maximum axis 14
  • Touch screen, Graphics support, Flexible interaction
  • Data backup
  • HMI: Creation of customized, application-specific user interfaces for visualization and operator control without programming knowledge
  • Ision Tech “on Board” vision system including image processing, camera and sensors. Extensive configuration options enable the flexible use of the robot in an unstructured environment
  • Conveyor Tech Organizes the cooperation of robots and conveyors. Allows efficient, dynamic handling of parts, even for complex applications
  • Force Torque Control: Takes account of process forces and torques exerted on the workpiece during machining, and controls and adjusts these as specified in the program sequence. In applications such as grinding, polishing, bending or even assembly, this technology package is an indispensable help
  • Safe Operation: Flexible programming of safe cooperation between humans and machines. Definition of safe workspaces, velocities, envelopes around robot tools, and cooperation with the operator
  • Safe Range Monitoring
  • Integration with CNC : Complete software-based CNC implementation for execution of machine tool code (G-code) directly on the robot controller. This turns the robot, with its accuracy and stiffness, into a machining center for path supported processes
  • An industrial robot of this type comprises the following components:
  • Manipulator
  • Robot controller
  • Connecting cables
  • KCP teach pendant (KUKA smart PAD)
  • Software
  • Options, accessories
Standard Applications



  • Spot welding
  • Seam Welding
  • Projection welding


  • MIG welding-CMT Welding
  • TIG welding

  • c. PLASMA Welding

    d. LASER HYBRID Welding

    LASER HYBRID Welding


  • Plasma
  • Laser
  • Water jet
  • Saw
  • Milling

  • Bed mill
  • column mill
  • C-frame mill
  • Floor mill
  • Gantry mill
  • Applicable: Wood, Plastic, Rocks, Tiles, Granite, Gypsum Board, GRC

    Palletizing /order picking:

  • fully automated order picking of mixed case pallets
  • efficient automation order picking up of single items
  • Automated pallet logistics for beverage production
  • State of the art high bay warehouse
  • heavy loads

  • 3D Printing: In order to innovate and build items quickly, we developed smart factory of that within 3D printer technology and robotics system and capable for:

  • ABS
  • Concrete

  • Other application such us Assembly, Drilling, Fasting, Joining, Handling, Loading and unloading, Coating, Inspection, Measuring, Packaging, and more ..


  • Automation: Taking automation a step further.
  • The requirements on manufactures are increasing, which need more flexible production processes. The solution is in automating production. our target is to support the manufacturing factories in the holistic optimization the production process by providing comprehensive automation and digitization know-how.

  • Industry 4.0:
  • intelligence beyond automation by intelligently and securely connecting all manufacturing machines to the cloud, we increase your production efficiency and process quality in a sustainable manner. Smart Production enables all to consistently digitize whole production lines. It creates an interoperable network, in which micro services and Big Data analyses can be used to analyze and lastingly improve manufacturing efficiency, quality, and flexibility We offer our customers the full range of products and services from a single source from the core component – the robot – to manufacturing cells, turnkey systems and networked production with the aid of cloud-based IT tools.

    In order to make new working environments both highly productive and ergonomically beneficial for the labor force, We are implementing with our partners central key technologies such as collaborative robots, mobile assistance systems, autonomously controlled vehicles and intelligently networked automation solutions that support humans in the work setting, easing the workload in a variety of ways.

  • Human robot collaborative:
  • In human-robot collaboration, the robot assists the human operator. This means: The machine does not replace the human, but complements his capabilities and relieves him of arduous tasks

  • Human-robot collaboration: the advantages
  • Human-robot collaboration is revolutionizing industrial production and manufacturing in the factory of the future and bringing decisive advantages:

  • Maximum flexibility in production
  • Relief of employees by performing ergonomically unfavorable work steps that could not previously be automated

  • Reduced risk of injuries and infections, for example with special HRC grippers

    High-quality performance of reproducible processes – without requiring type-specific or component-relevant investment

  • Increased productivity and improved system complexity thanks to integrated sensors

  • Mobile industrial robotics:
  • Manufacturing processes are changing constantly. This is why mobile robot systems must be very adaptable. Maximum mobility and autonomous working methods optimize your production significantly. Omnidirectional drive can move in any direction from a standing start, achieving full freedom of movement in 360 degrees and combining robotics system Arms for more flexibility in flow of work process and this technology is based on the Mecanum wheel and gives your vehicle unlimited maneuverability

    The omnidirectional wheel technology allows the vehicle to move in any direction. The wheel consists of two rims and nine free-running rollers, which are mounted at a 45-degree angle Options:

  • OmniMove is our transport platform for heavy loads. Move it with great ease into the right position – with ultra-precision and in the tightest of spaces.

  • Features

  • The omniMove also offers excellent mobility, easily operated by remote control.
  • Simply move underneath and lift: the OmniMove mobile heavy-duty platform can move your XXL loads with ease
  • The OmniMove can be controlled manually or move autonomously. Despite its enormous size and payload capacity, it navigates safely, moving virtually independently. You can also optionally expand it with a self-contained energy supply.
  • Ambient temperature +5 °C to +40 °C
  • Power supply connection 3 * 400 V + PE AC; CEE 32A
  • Control Manual via radio control unit
  • Number of wheels can be 4 ,8, 12, 16, 20
  • Velocity 3.0km/h
  • Length 2,400mm 3000mm 3,200mm 4,000mm 4,200mm 4,800mm, 6,000mm 7,200mm
  • Width 1,700mm 2,200mm 1,850mm
  • It has a payload capacity of up to 90 tones and – in the maximum version – reaches a length up to 30 meters.
  • The KUKA omniMove can be expanded by additional functions like Navigation options, Battery management, Load options, options, Triple Lift, KMR QUANTEC
  • The triple lift is continuously adjustable via hydraulic telescopic cylinders and It remains very stable even when extended. This means you can enjoy maximum safety at all times
  • KMR QUANTEC is the mobile industrial robot system and It moves the robot to the exact location needed – whether for the construction of ships, aircraft or wind turbines. Even very large components can be processed easily and it is consisting of the omniMove platform and robot of the KR QUANTEC series as well as software and a controller


    Our modular system offers a wide range of options for deploying the omniMove

  • in overlength and XL size
  • KUKA omniMove with lifting spindles
  • The self-contained power supply using high-performance batteries
  • Intelligence of Omnimove make the production process quicker
  • The omnimove used for :
    Aircraft industry , wind power plant , rail vehicle, different production process inside the factories .

  • The autonomous KMR iiwa robot (mobile intelligent helper)
  • is an ideal basis for the intelligent, networked production worlds of Industrie 4.0 with HRC-capable and mobile and It combines the strengths of the sensitive LBR iiwa lightweight robot with those of a mobile, autonomous platform.

    The specification of the system :

  • Autonomous platform by the technologies of the laser scanners, the mobile platform too can navigate fully autonomously.
  • The Agile of Solution with special developed Mecansum wheels allows the mobile platform to move omnidirectionally and execute 360-degree rotations.
  • Vehicle height 700 mm
  • Length with scanners and safety zones 1,080 mm
  • Width with scanners and safety zones 630 mm
  • Weight 390 kg
  • Max. payload 170 kg / 200 kg without LBR iiwa
  • Max. velocity in longitudinal direction 3.6 km /h
  • Max. velocity in lateral direction 2 km/h
  • Wheel diameter 250 mm
  • Cleanroom class ISO 5

  • THE KMR iiwa At your facility:

  • A more ergonomic and comfortable user interface, and less maintenance;
  • A special focus on fleet management Two or more autonomous stations can work simultaneously, piloted by a single server through Wi-Fi connection;
  • More efficient batteries;
  • The addition axes
  • These new features significantly increase measurement capabilities for larger parts, for the aerospace industry, for example. Many application can be done with KMR iiwa and These range from fetch-and-carry services to roles in producing small quantities at multiple workstations, all the way through to complex, flexible production workflows in the automotive and electronics industries.

    Process technologies:

    DGWorld client advantage from experience of various process technologies which we are constantly upgrading and optimizing. From welding processes to milling and other coating techniques and smart inspection quality system.

    Research and develops technologies:

    Robotics systems and automation are among the most exciting and most future-oriented areas of research.

Targeting markets
  • Metal and fabrication
  • Foodstuffs
  • Wood – processing
  • Aerospace
  • Stone
  • Entertainment
  • Hospitality
  • Electronics
  • Logistics
  • Chemicals
  • Nuclearize Energy
  • Oil and Gas
  • Cosmetics
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Airports /Air planes
  • And more…

In the next five years, there will be over 1 million jobs in STEM fields and industries.

In order to fill these jobs, and prepare for the future, we need to get more students interested and involved in STEM education. Students need to be mentally stimulated as well as engaged. The Educators are turning towards innovative and interactive methods of teaching with robots. The Robotics improving the teaching and learning STEM subjects to prepare students working with real world industrial robots Innovations and robotics system and Support community workforce retraining initiatives Offers ability for students to present Manufacturer Certified Training Certificate to end user customers and System Integrators.

Service Solutions and Technical support

  • Online Support – Always there for you
  • Service Solutions and Technical support
  • Online Support – Always there for you
  • Preventive maintenance management the secure way to manufacture cost-effectively
  • Remote-Service and Faster in an emergency
  • All services throughout the product life cycle from one source
  • Enjoy all the advantages of being a contract customer from the very beginning
  • Fit for the future by Refurbishment your system
  • Advisory for your system and requirements

DGWORLD installations

  • Engraving systems
  • Steel welding system
  • Aluminum welding system
  • Doors assembling system
  • Theming system
  • Blasting system
  • TV studio
  • Milling system
  • Bending system
  • Palatizing system
  • Bag bot system
  • DE painting system
  • Educational and training cell
  • Coffee bot
  • Concrete bot
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