Product Description

ForkBOT is an advanced self-driven, eco-friendly Forklift. It has been designed for different warehouse activities - loading, unloading and placing. It is fully autonomous with ability to avoid obstacles and safe for logistics purposes. It aims to improve performance and reduce costs.

With the 360º lidar and AI sensors, plus the intelligent operating system installed on it, we can say that ForkBOT creates a smart, safe, fast environment for warehouses with less manpower.

  • Autonomous Forklift
  • High precision and safe
  • DGWorld Operating System - facilitates a driverless forklift vehicle to communication using DROS, at optimized movement of ForkBOT, through convoying and allowing higher speed.
  • Strong Metal Framework – prevents itself from being damaged during operation
  • Height is adjustable and interchangeable
  • Eco-friendly and highly-efficient
  • Adaptable to changes and conditions – avoiding obstacles in the warehouse
  • Warehouse Facility
  • Factory
  • Distribution and Logistics Centers
  • Airports/Seaports
  • Malls
  • ForkBOT can be modified upon customer requirements.
  • Any Forklift can be converted to ForkBOT
  • Other options can be added to the ForkBOT

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

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