TruGO / eTruGO

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Autonomous Intelligent Truck

Our TruGo and e-TruGoautonomy Conversion Kit is designed, to fit your existing Trucks enabling 100% autonomy and offers the most flexible integrationavailable in the market. Even different Engineand various Transmission configurations can be adapted, without major changes on the truck, thanks to the modular, extendable, and safe system design.

In combination with our Fleet Management Software and IP Mesh Communication System, TruGO becomes part of a fully advanced transportation network, making it possible to manage a whole fleet of smart Trucks and optimize your current logistic operations, offering you up to 35% higher operational efficiency and very attractive ROI cases to support your digitization journey, today. TruGO is a fully connected solution, enabling utilization of Big Data in a completely new way…

We offer three sizes of TruGO& e-TruGo to meet your demands:
  • Small: 1 to 5 tons
  • Medium: 6 to 25 tons
  • Large: 25 tons and above

All our systems are capable to operate at day or night and under all weather conditions, to guarantee full 24/7 operations.

TruGo has been designed to be the ultimate solution for your Logistic and Transport operations and introduces autonomy for Seaports, Airports, Logistic or any kind of goodsTransportation that can benefit from autonomy today and relies on huge fleet counts.

We have also created an electrical version of the autonomous truck called e-TruGo, which will support your plans to cut carbon emissions and reduce your operational costs further. Go Green, go autonomous!

DGWorld TruGoautonomy conversion Kit includes:

DGW Drive by Wire

This System is controlling all relevant functions of the Truck and makes it possible, to remotely control the Truck. Additionally, it will monitor all relevant functions and parameters of the Truck

DGW Localization & Mapping Sensor System

based on our3D SLAM and fused sensing Systems enabling to calculate the real position of the Truck without the need to integrate artificial markings and allows autonomous operation anywhere

DGW Perception & Safety System

Allows real mixed traffic applications and ensures full interaction of the autonomous Trucks with its environment following highest safety standards

DGWorld Autonomous Driving AI Engine (Software)

Full Level 4 autonomy, ensuring to adapt the driving behavior of your trucks regardless their load and environmental challenges

  • Autonomous operation in mixed traffic without infrastructural changes (SAE Level 4)
  • Higher reliability and precision to optimize operation processes
  • Operational on demand in minutes by push of a button
  • Higher Safety and less accidents
  • Highly efficient and adaptable driving behavior is reducing operational costs and carbon emissions
  • Real time data from the vehicles (Position, Status Information and Diagnostics)
  • Applicable for all different types of vehicles (from Container Trucks to on-road Trucks as Retrofit -Kit)
  • Adjusting its speed in autonomous mode automatically for the best economic to safe resources (Fuel / Maintenance)
  • Operation at Day and Night 24/7 (tested in Fog / Rain / Sandstorms)
  • Operation with driver, remotely or fully autonomous
  • Ready to operate in mixed traffic (no separation between outside Trucks and other vehicles required)
  • Real time localization and positioning with a +/- 5cm accuracy
  • Requires no Infrastructural changes or localization devices installed in the Terminal (Communication System only)
  • 360° and 200m Range Sensor System detects other vehicles, pedestrians and temporary blockages and allows interaction with all kind of remote or human operated machines to guarantee safe operation and eliminate human errors.
  • Safe System architecture (PLC System, Brake System, Sensor Architecture) according to international safety standards (ISO 26262)
  • Full Vehicle Status Monitoring (Fuel Level, Brake System pressure, Tire pressure,) allows central overview of all fleet parameters in real-time.
Full operational flexibility thanks to our integration and safety Solutions:

Custom Solutions for Container Terminal Operations with autonomous Trucks including STS Localization Kits, Twist Lock Handling Safety Systems.

Upgrade Kits to enable interaction of human operated machines like Empty Container Handler, Reach Stacker and Forklifts to safely and efficiently operated with unmanned Trucks for loading and unloading operations, but alsoFuel Station Safety Solutions and mobile tablets are designed to integrate the autonomous Trucks into the operations of today.

Our Remote-Control Desk (for exception Handling) will give remote operators a complete surround view of the truck and ensure operations, even in critical situations.