Drone - UAD M20

The flagship drone of DGWorld, the UAD M20 provides versatility while holding a medium size frame.

Product Description

Its higher payload capacity opens it to more delivery options than the common drones while it is much more easily moved and utilized than any other UASs on the market. The UAD M20 is fully electric with the capability to be fully autonomous. A powerful new autopilot allows personalized missions and controls for each UAD M20 that is produced.

Safety features such as a return home function and parachute allow it to be comfortably sent on any missions that can be created without fear of damages or injuries. Only basic training makes any individual into a pilot in no time.

A multitude of payload options allow the UAD M20 to have flexibility in its tasks and even coordinate with duplicates of itself performing different missions.

Most impressively, the UAD M20 can transition from vertical take-off to fixed wing, enabling it to fly without a run way while utilizing wings in flight that literally take it to new heights.

  • Cleaning:
  • clean glass facades and roofs even at great altitudes. The technology is applicable for almost every window size and window form.

  • Civil Defense:
  • is a one-of-a-kind drone that has made a huge leap in the fire-fighting field in terms of ease, safety and accessibility. Can be used as a first responder to locate fire sources in high-rise buildings, towers, metro stations, etc…

  • Filming & Video Shooting:
  • capture awesome footage and images without having to get a cameraman on an actual helicopter and shoot the video from there; uses include movies shooting, wedding, events, festivals, etc…

  • Cargo:
  • delivering of packages & goods which makes the way of transportation that required by logistics companies much easier.

  • Patrolling & Surveillance:
  • collecting unlimited aerial data and providing real-time visibility into security threats and emergency situations for security and emergency responders.

  • Cartography:
  • capable of providing you with real-time data of the land where your business practices are being carried out in order to inspect, analyze and execute.

  • Security Documents Delivery:
  • delivery of small, light value things that are time sensitive like: medicines, identification documents, vital papers and items of any related nature.

  • Composite covers and containers can be created to hold and support unique sensors or even change components of the body.
  • Gimbal and camera systems can utilize some of the payload to provide the user with stunning visuals unique to UAS flight
  • Specialized sensors can be integrated with the onboard systems and can commonly be transmitted in real-time
  • The UAD M20 can increase its level of autonomy with additional sensors such as LiDAR
  • Experienced and trained pilots can use manual controls for non-emergency situations to enjoy the freedom of manned flight from the safety of the ground.
  • Specific communication devices can be added to extend range beyond line of sight.
  • Modular Payloads: items which can vary from camera gimbals to audio sensors, can be attached to the UAD M20 in customized casings
  • Advanced Autopilot: an integrated system utilizes software and control systems to constantly ensure stable flight, accurate flight paths, proper sensor controls, and much more
  • Customized User Interface: flights can be tracked and adjusted through a clean software interface
  • Flight Sensors: accurate readings of variables such as pressure and airspeed are shown and recorded during all flights
  • Ground Station: an easily closed and packed ground station gives the user an all-in-one solution for understanding all aspects of the UAD M20
  • Fail-safe: a return-to-home function saves the unit during emergencies, and when it cannot be performed, is also supported by an emergency parachute
  • Transitional Flight Mode: tilting motors allow the UAD M20 to efficiently fly for long periods at high speeds
  • Cargo Chamber: a lockable hold for delivering goods or housing sensors
  • Composite Body: almost all structural components utilize carbon fiber and other composite materials, promising high strength and light weight components
  • Full Electric Propulsion: flight is achieved without petrol, giving consistent power, minimal maintenance, zero emission, and easy refueling
  • Acceptable Payload: items can be carried during a mission while providing an option to reduce the weight to increase the flight time
  • Breakdown Design: major components of the UAD M20 can be easily disassembled and packed into a case for transportation
  • AI: object tracking, face recognition, plate tracking, infrared, live streaming, suspected items detection using a special LiDAR system
  • Logistics Companies.
  • Civil Defense Authorities.
  • Hospitals.
  • Government Sectors.
  • Production & Media Companies.
  • Security & Guards Companies.
Max Speed 150 km/h
Cruise Speed 100 km/h
Payload 5 kg
Range 45 km
Flight Time 90 minutes/standard mission
Flight Ceiling 5000 m
Body Structure Material Carbon Fiber
Body Type Item Security Containment and Transport
Overall Dimensions 2.15 x 1.60 x 0.75 m
Motors 800W Brushless Electric
Communication Default 2.4Ghz
Empty Weight 14 kg
Max Take-off Weight 19 kg
Transition Method 2 Tilting Motors
Batteries 2 Lithium Polymer
Fail-safes Return Home and Parachute

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