DGWorld Autonomous Driving System

The DGWorld Autonomous Driving System is designed to be retrofitted to any kind of vehicle, with a modular and flexible system architecture, adaptable for various autonomous driving applications. Our solution consists of a redundant electrical Drive-by Wire System, Lidar/GNSS/IMU based Localization/Mapping, Lidar/Radar/Vision-based Perception/Safety System, AI Risk Assessment Engine (based on deep learning algorithms) and a Navigation engine.

Product Description

Features of our ADS System

DGWorld Drive by Wire System

  • Redundant Steering and Brake Servos
  • Certified by German TÜV
  • Interface to the vehicle to control vehicle specific functions (Turn Signals, …)
  • Transmission and Throttle Control
  • Redundant Embedded Controllers to achieve lowest control latency
  • Seamless switching between Autonomous Driving and Manual Driving
  • Diagnostic Interface

DGWorld Localization and Mapping System

  • Unique advanced 3D SLAM (6 DoF) technology provides an accurate real-time position over long distances without drift
  • Lidar Sensor based, infrastructure-free algorithm, considering the vehicle dynamics
  • Sensor Fusion with GNSS and IMU for higher system availability and exception handling, as well to increase safety
  • HD Mapping to create reference Map included
  • Automatic update of mapping information and possibility to share these updates with other vehicles

DGWorld Navigation System

  • Field-proven navigation and control solution, which has been validated in real-world Outdoor and Indoor environments and multiple application fields.
  • Learning Mode to easily teach new travel routes which can then be recalled anytime
DGWorld Perception / Safety System

  • Redundant Sensor Architecture (Fusion) to achieve highest safety standards
  • Classification of Objects and other Vehicles (Pedestrian, Cars, Motorcycles, Trucks, ...)
  • Prediction of the movement of other road users
  • Perception algorithms integrate the data from the sensor over time, in order to build a 3D rich model of the environment that can then be analyzed in search of information of interest in nearly real-time (4ms).
  • Detection of Lanes, Traffic signs, Traffic lights and Speed Limits.
  • Active Blind Spot, Active Rear Cross Traffic Alert, Lane Change Assist, Safe Door Opening, Forward/Rear Collision Warning, Free Space Detection, Autonomous Emergency Braking, Adaptive Speed Control
  • Active re-routing according to traffic situations

DGWorld AI Risk Assessment Engine

  • Computes driving risk 20 times per second. Autonomous driving can adapt driving behavior in order to keep risk under a maximum accepted risk value
  • Records risky/safe driving behavior and modifies drive behavior in real time with alerts
  • Alerts before a risky situation if and only if driving behavior is not appropriate to expected driving context (road safety)

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