Time is money. We save you both

CuttingBOT is a customizable robot cutting system that performsthe cutting task in the needed way, improving the safety standard and quality. The robot is designed for a high level of precision performance, creating a high-quality product for the manufacturer. We are proud to partner with KUKA on this solution.

  • High quality and clean cut edges
  • Time saving process
  • 24-houroperation
  • Reduced labor costs and manpower
  • Six axes for flexible movement
  • No work piece distortion
  • Optimal material utilization
Safety is a Priority

Guaranteeing human safety and wellbeing is our utmost priority. We understand how many businesses face worker injuries or sickness, which also results in production interruptions. DGWorld is proud to provide a solution that completely avoids that, allowing the robot to do all the hard work, while employees can focus on other human needed tasks like creativity, inspections, and customer care.

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