Product Description

An incredible high-tech iiwa robot equipped with touch screen interactive table, on which you can place your favorite beverage order of your choice.

CaféBOT is incredible high-tech restaurant for the coffee/tea fans who likes modern places.

CaféBOT is restaurant with Robot, who will make a delicious cookie or a cheesecake along with espresso or your favorite beverage and WaitressBots will bring your hot and tasty order with no time. Restaurant equipped with touch screen interactive tables on which you can not only place an order, but send a message to another table or play your favorite game till you waiting your friends to join you.

  • Robotic Chefs to make the Drinks and Snacks.
  • Robotic Waitresses to serve and deliver to the tables and the guests.
  • Menu Tables with fully Touch Screens
  • Full Kitchen equipment machines, Tables are integrated with the whole Controlling Software and Systems.
  • Open Source Software to accept any future Smart devices and applications.
  • The Robots can do some actions like - a Group Dance on some Music or play some quick tricks or small games.
  • They are provided with a sound system to say some friendly sentences like: Welcome, See You Again, Be Creative Sir, Be More Innovative … etc.
  • The CaféBOT restaurant is a wonderful choice of delicious snacks, along with high service from out Bots waitress who not going to demand any tips from you.
  • Your imagination and tastes are highly respected by CaféBOT as you will create your favorite burger by yourself by placing ingredients order on touch screen interactive table board which keeps track of and displays the most ordered burgers.
  • The options at CaféBOT are endless where several different buns can be displayed to choose from. Choose from a beef, turkey, veggie, or salmon patty, and countless different scoops such as chilli mango, avocado, or even a mac and cheese.
  • You can have an incredible feeling by watching WaitressBots dancing, waving their arms and serving orders in opposite directions. When everything is eaten, and cleaned by our Bots, click on the button of the «Bill» and Robot will bring you a receipt.
  • Flexibility of Our Solution
  • Shopping Malls
  • Airports.
  • Restaurants.
  • Café Lounges.
  • VIP Venues.

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