BiGO is our answer to the challenges of last mile Transportation!

Product Description

By converting any kind of standard bus or van into a fully autonomous vehicle, we achieve utmost flexibility and feasibility, to enable the future of public transportation.

Equipped with the latest Sensor technology and our Autonomous Driving Software, BIGO can be operated even in city scale environments.

Advanced user interaction features, like Speech Processing, Custom Applications and Connected Services, to let any passenger experience Autonomous Transportation at a unique new level.

Our Software enabling the autonomous driving, adapts to any environment and handle the most challenges of modern traffic.

By adding our Fleet Management Software and Communication System, BiGO becomes part of a fully advanced transportation network, making it possible to manage a whole fleet of smart cars and operate public transportation from a centralized control center.

  • End User Interfaces by using latest AI Technology
  • Vehicle path planning and automated route optimization
  • Vehicle conversion fully certified and road legal
  • Advanced safety features, like Object Detection (Cars, Pedestrians, …) and Active Collision Avoidance
  • Vehicle 2 Vehicle communication for quick information exchange between the autonomous vehicles
  • HD Mapping (to create reference Map) combined with advanced 3D Slam Algorithm
  • Automatic update of mapping information and possibility to share these updates with other vehicles
  • Optimization of Transportation saving resources (Petrol) by avoiding unnecessary driving (Green Technology)
  • Can be used for goods transportation and similar applications, requiring huge logistics and optimization
  • Reducing the cost of operations
  • Data collected by BiGO, can be used for Security and Surveillance Applications to enhance the safety of the environment or cities
  • Larger number of passengers can be transported in one mobile platform (Greener Environment). Serving all people, including people with determination.
  • Public Transportation
  • Events and Exhibitions
  • Communities and Compounds
  • Shuttle Bus between cities
  • Universities
  • Entertainments Parks
  • Shopping Malls
  • Security Patrolling
  • Logistic Companies for Goods Transportation
  • Seaports and Airports
  • Industrial Parks
Level of driving automation (per SAE J3016) Level 4 to 5
Passengers capacity 12-18 Passenger Max.
Engine Type Petrol Engine with Automatic Transmission
Overall Length 7381mm
Overall Width 1993mm
Height 2861mm
Dry Weight 3200kg
Gross Vehicle Weight 5300kg
Travel Speed up to 80Km/h
Vehicle driving/Control type Autonomous/Manually Driven/ RC Driving system.
Vehicle Body Type Bus (Van) / Transportation of people or of Goods
Ground Clearance 250mm
Braking System Hydraulic (2-circuit Disc Brake System)
Range Approx. 500km with one Tank filling of 75 Liters Petrol
Battery Voltage 12V Car Batteries
Non-Drive Power 2x 12V Battery System which will be recharged from an engine driven generator
Conversion Kit & Technology Lidar/GNSS/IMU based Localization/Mapping, Lidar/Radar/Vision-based Perception/Safety System, AI Risk Assessment Engine (based on deep learning algorithms) and our Navigation engine.

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