Product Description

BeachBOT is a Smart Robotic Sand Cleaner. It is easy to drive and control with almost no effort, delivering clean, flat and an amazing beach.

BeachBOT can be manually and autonomously driven upon customer requirements. It also eco-friendly and can work in a silent mode.

It is designed to provide the best performance in any situation, it can operate with precision in wet and dry sandy terrains, and mud, without problems by minimalizing slips. Flexible tracks trades enable the robot to tackle various obstacles such as rock, roots, fallen debris, creek and climbs

  • Easy-to-Use Radio Controller
    will help switch on/off the mechanical sifter, to trigger the discharge process, and to set the working depth and the working unit height

  • Using Joystick
    to move the machine in all directions with incredible precision, also at long distance

  • Self-Unloading Rubbish System
    can remotely set the working-depth and the working unit height at any time during the normal operations.

  • Electric Linear Motors
    use to configure the working-depth parameter and execute rubbish unloading operations

  • Silent and Eco-friendly

  • Precision Performance in Wet, Dry, Sandy Terrain, and Mud.

  • Flexible Track Trades
    enables the robot to tackle various obstacles such as rocks, roots, fallen debris, creek, and climbs

  • Can cover up to 150 meters (500 ft.) in few hours
  • Public Beach
  • Private Beach
  • Facility Management.

Table design with the solution desired parameters.

Controller Futaba RC Transmitter, 8CH, max range 150 meters
Dimension 2290 x 764 x 1300 [mm]
Working Capacity 3000 sqm/hour
Max. Speed 2.7 [km/h]
Weight 500 [Kg]
Charging Time 8 [Hours]
Running Time Standard battery Autonomy: 2-3 [Hours]
Heavy-duty battery Autonomy: 1.5 [Hours]
Power Source Battery Pack: 2 x 12 [V], 200 [Ah] Sealed AGM Battery
Total Power: 4800 [W]
Frame Stainless steel, aluminium
  • BeachBOT can be modified upon customer requirements.
  • Fleet Management System to be Integrated for multiple Autonomous devices in the same facility, Connected Devices.

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